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"Changing Guard of American Politics"
This book takes a critical look at the dysfunction of America's political landscape since the election of Barack Obama as the Nation's first African American President.
Ebon Entertainment is gearing up for a national tour to promote Donald's book "Changing Guard of American Politics" which addresses the hardships placed upon the American people by an overly partisan Congress in Washington.
"Changing Guard" the documentary
The documentary dives deeper into the history of America's foundation for equality and the effects of politics on it's citizens.
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News and Reviews:
America: Changing Guard
Changing Guard of American Politics is a view from the outside of the U.S. political structure by an average American citizen, Donald Frye, who has stood on the sidelines watching, as those who were elected to uphold the decency and wishes of the American people, allowed themselves to become ineffective and shackled by the party that house them. The book journeys back through time to visit the Presidency of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who faced immeasurable difficulties and economic depression and culminates with the current President Barack Hussein Obama, to see if we indeed are living in unprecedented times, or if circumstances that plague America and the world today, are anomalies or the result of selfish ambitions of those who hold power.
Helping America preserve its principles of equality and fairness
Let us as one people rekindle the sense of accomplishment that this country can be proud of, and reinstate the notion that the American Dream is meant for all, and not just a few.
Helping to get the word out about voting in the upcoming elections. It is important to know that your Right to Vote is just that... a Right and not a Privilege!
Thought for the Day!
Effective communications is key to capturing and maintaining your audience's attention.
Magic and I share in a bit of laughs and a photo after one of our shows.
Grabbing a photo backstage with Jennifer Hudson after she performed on the show.
An afternoon on the water from the city back to our hotel, and of course, whats a boat ride without a drink
On the waters in Bermuda
Jennifer and Me
Onstage Presentation
Voting Rights
Always Magic
Acquiring knowledge is key to defining your own future...
  Author:  Donald Frye