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In Changing Guard of American Politics, Donald Frye, shares his views and insights into the polarization that is sweeping across America. He takes a candid look at history to reveal certain patterns of governing that plague the country today.

Taking a few jabs at today's political leaders and public figures, Frye tackles the tough issues of our past to lay the foundation for America's future. He delves into the anger and frustrations that the average American citizen feels, resulting from the neglect by the government during the great recession, that bailed out big business, but not them. He contrasts several Presidencies of the twentieth-century to those of the twenty-first century, and highlights the cyclical nature of the policies that continue to govern our nation.

For centuries, political leaders found a way to agree on policies that were important to the welfare of the country, even though they disagreed on certain political elements. Frye challenges today's congress to put aside partisan bickering, and once again, work together to support legislation that ensures the declaration that the American Dream is meant for all, and not just a few.

"Changing Guard of American Politics"
DONALD FRYE is President of Ebon Entertainment in Los Angeles, California, and has worked with political, corporate, and entertainment figures throughout the country and around the world to help promote growth and progress through corporate communications.

Frye has traveled throughout Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, gaining valuable international experience, which has given him a broader sense of American Policies and their effects on global affairs. He founded ChangingGuard.org to address social and economic issues facing America in the twenty-first century.
Changing Guard of American Politics reveals that since President Barack Obama was sworn into office, the effort to defeat him took center stage for Republicans. Frye believes that this agenda has left little room for negotiations and actual governing. The book highlights how these attitudes and actions led to a much longer than needed recession and a much slower than warranted growth in the American economy.

Starting with the introduction, Changing Guard takes the reader on an enlightened and engaging path that reminds them of their own place in history. Where were you when major events in our history happened? Where were you when world events began to affect you from thousands of miles away? The results of various events over the past half century have had long lasting effects on the American landscape and have shaped laws and trends that now find themselves under scrutiny and threat of repeal, which would have an even more devastating effect on America going forward. 

The book makes the case that for America to remain the greatest and most powerful country in the world, whose top priority is the security and welfare of its citizens, along with the assurance that each citizen has the full rights and ability to live out their dreams, through education and hard work, unimpeded by greed and corruption, then, we must establish a new creed going forward. We must ensure a fair and just society, in order to secure the legacies passed on from our ancestors.

Changing Guard of American Politics is a must-read for those interested in patriotism, and living in a country built upon the principles of fairness and equality.

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