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President Obama and Congress reach a deal to extend Middle-Class Tax Cuts to those earning $450,000 dollars or less, which will benefit 98 percent of small business owners.

Republican Party Woes!

by Donald Frye on 05/04/16

With Donald Trump having "Trumped", pun intended, the establishment of the Republican Party to secure the Republican Party Nomination for President of the United States, America may have said good-bye to the GOP as we've known it? With the final two Republican Candidates dropping out of the race and pretty much paving the way for Trump to secure the nomination and lead the party in a different direction, I would have to conclude that the decades of Reaganomics and the near decade of Tea Party obstruction have finally come to a head.

This conundrum that Republicans find themselves in can only be summed up as the result of party rhetoric and division that was created by the total uncompromising attitude and actions that the party took in order to defeat and destroy President Barack Obama. When the Republican Party became derelict in their duty to uphold the Constitution of the United States, and actually do the work that they were sent to Congress to do, did they lay the groundwork for a complete and utter disavowing of the Party Leadership. In other words, while the Republican Establishment allowed the Tea Party to be ushered in as a means to discredit Obama and his agenda, they instead laid the foundation for dysfunction within the Government to a degree that we've not seen before in our history. And as a result of allowing the insults and outright lies to fester for what seems the entirety of President Obama's two terms, the GOP now finds itself on the outside looking in, with a Presumptive Nominee of Donald Trump! How fitting!

The change that is taking place in American Politics right now seems to be a continuum of the change that took place 7 years ago, when America voted in the first African American President, Barack Obama. And it is the unwarranted actions that followed by some in our country that have led to a resurgent racism, bigotry, hatred and divisiveness that threatens the very strength of our nation. 

Let's not forget what dire circumstances the country was in when President Obama took office. And at a time of such travails did the Republican Party decide to stop governing, or work with a President to insure recovery and progress! Instead of allowing members of their own party to work to accomplish a path back to stability, Republicans signed pledges and met in back rooms to affirm party unity that they would do everything in their power to make sure that Obama did not succeed! They wouldn't even approve the President's Jobs Bill, which would have kick-started job growth on roads and bridges 6 years ago. They wouldn't even allow the President to fulfill his Cabinet Positions with needed personnel to effectively run the Government. Well, those and many other actions have led to this day and the price to be paid may be a Trump Presidency. I wonder if Kazakstan has a room I can rent????

The time for change in this country has surely come. And the "Change You Can Believe In" should've been appreciated over the past 7 years! 

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