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President Obama and Congress reach a deal to extend Middle-Class Tax Cuts to those earning $450,000 dollars or less, which will benefit 98 percent of small business owners.

SCOTUS vs. People

by Donald Frye on 06/30/14

The Supreme Court of the United States, today, furthered their Citizen's United ruling by granting Corporations even more freedoms. In it's previous ruling, the Court granted corporations the rights of people. Today, the court said that Hobby Lobby, and similar corporations did not have to abide by the Affordable Care Act to grant contraception to its employees, based on religious beliefs.

I truly believe that this activist court has gone beyond the imagination of most americans that it is fair an impartial. The tide has shifted, the lid is off, Pandora's Box has been opened, whatever way you wish to classify it, this opens the door for many more litigious people and corporations to press for even more freedoms, and with this current court, who knows where it will end.

I still believe that a person should be defined as an entity that is born and has blood running through their veins, capable of emotions, eating, sleeping, etc... A corporation is not able to have feelings, or know what impact it has on individual lives when a bad decision is made, therefore, it should not have the ability to have the benefits of being human, when it cannot suffer any consequences as a result of bad behavior.

When a corporation can reap all of the benefits of being a corporation by avoiding taxes and seeking every possible loophole in the law, yet, fight vigorously to avoid paying taxes, taking care of it's employees and abiding by laws that all other humans are subjected to, then how a corporation is defined, should be revisited by our activist Supreme Court.

If ever there was a time for Americans to take outrage at what is happening from our highest court, now is that time. The direction that this country is headed, benefits none of us, and, we as citizens must begin an effort to reverse these bad laws and elected officials who thrive on division and greed. Wake up America!

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